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In patients with aspergilloma, positive serological reactions with specific antigens from aspergillus are also determined (precipitation reactions according to Ouchterlony, complement fixation, passive hemagglutination).

With the presence of all these or most of the signs, the diagnosis of aspergilloma becomes convincing even with concomitant active destructive pulmonary tuberculosis and bacillus excretion.

It should also be taken into account that specific antibiotic therapy, which has a beneficial effect on tuberculous changes, does not affect aspergilloma. Meanwhile, when using an antifungal antibiotic - amphotericin B - or when inhaling aerosols of the sodium salt of nystatin or levorin, it is possible, however, only in some cases, to observe a decrease in the size of aspergilloma or even its disappearance.

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Aspergilloma (Aspergillus mycetoma) - a spherical mass of mycelium (usually Aspergillus fumigatus) and cellular detritus that occurs in an existing lung cavity up to 2 cm in diameter; the development of aspergilloma is not accompanied by invasive growth.

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Typically, aspergilloma is observed in those suffering from tuberculosis or other granulomatous lung processes. A growing aspergilloma can damage the wall of erectile dysfunction pills blood vessel and cause bleeding, sometimes fatal.

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In its development, the fungus goes through 5 stages - from the initial one, when it only lines the cavity, to the final one - a mass of mycelium and cellular detritus blocks the bronchus and dies due to lack of oxygen. The process can take years.

Aspergilloma is removed surgically, after the operation, conservative antifungal therapy is applied.

Aspergilloma of the lung is a spherical formation formed by the proliferating and intertwining mycelium of mold fungi Aspergillus, which fills bronchiectasis and cavities of the lung parenchyma. Manifested by cough with hemoptysis, slight shortness of breath, general intoxication.

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Often the pathology proceeds hidden. It is detected using radiography, CT scan of the lungs, laboratory diagnostic methods, pathomorphological examination of ED pills and resected material.

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Causes Pathogenesis Classification Symptoms of lung aspergilloma Complications Diagnosis Treatment of lung aspergilloma Prognosis and prevention Prices for treatment. Aspergilloma (mycetoma) of the lung is characterized by saprophytic non-invasive intracavitary growth of a colony of micromycetes. In some cases, the presence of a mushroom ball causes significant harm to the health of the carrier.

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In half of the patients, the pathology is asymptomatic and is an accidental finding during an ED pills examination. 50-70% of patients are worried about hemoptysis, about a third of them develop life-threatening pulmonary hemorrhages. Most often (in 40-90% of cases) aspergilloma is formed against the background of post-tuberculosis changes in the respiratory organs, less often (1-15%) in intact lung tissue. Men get sick more often than women. This form of aspergillosis does not occur in children.

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Aspergilloma develops as a result of the activity of fungi of the genus Aspergillus. These micromycetes are ubiquitous. They live in the soil, play a role in the spoilage of some foodstuffs, and are used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Aspergillus is present indoors and outdoors and enters the respiratory system by aerogenic means. They are opportunistic pathogens and cause disease under certain circumstances.

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There are single and multiple Aspergillus mycetomas. The process can be unilateral or spread to both lungs. In large cavities and large bronchi, one or more mushroom balls can be localized. In the literature, the division of formations into simple and complex is often found, but modern medical guidelines recommend classifying the pathology as follows:
Aspergilloma gradually increases in size. Growing, the pathological formation can damage the blood vessel and cause pulmonary bleeding. Mycetoma is usually characterized by intracavitary growth without damage to the surrounding parenchymal tissues. The growth of the mass of the fungus can lead to complete obstruction of the bronchus and the death of aspergillus due to oxygen deficiency. With a significant decrease in immunity, active reproduction of pathogens often provokes the development of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis.
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When inhaled into the respiratory tractdust particles containing aspergillus spores enter the human body. They settle in bronchiectasis, bronchial cysts or caverns and germinate. Micromycetes secrete proteolytic enzymes that partially destroy the cells of the epithelium lining the cavity from the inside. A weak inflammatory process develops. Molds feed on cellular detritus, grow and multiply.


A prerequisite for the formation of mycetoma of Aspergillus etiology is the presence of cavities of any origin in the lung tissue with a size of at least 2 cm in diameter. Fungi colonize sanitized tuberculous cavities, pulmonary cysts and bronchiectasis, occupy residual cavities in patients with sarcoidosis, histiocytosis, and some pneumoconiosis. The authors of scientific articles in the field of practical pulmonology and infectology describe a few cases of aspergilloma growth in decaying cancerous tumors, as well as in the lumen of a healthy bronchus.